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i’m on my 3rd year in college right now. looking back to those 3 years of my life haven’t been a blast. but i got to thank my alma mater in high school that i still got the face to eat my way out through college. college is tough. tougher than i expected. when i was a freshmen in college i started to analyze myself if i were fit to become a nurse someday. i began to feel unsure of myself but i followed my instinct. i followed my heart. i took my course as a challenge. believe me i love challenges. it’s all first time in my part. like you have those sleepless nights and headaches just to understand the subject. well, i hardly study when i was in high school but i passed with good grades, i think. 🙂 i am very optimistic and i don’t easily cry. but everytime we have our deliberation all of my bones are shaking, i’m feeling numb, praying my life just to pass this semester. all of my friends and classmates cry their heart out not to be scared. i on the other hand tried to control my emotions since it’s not healthy when everyone feels down and i too would give them a negative energy. then it hit me. i owe my being responsible, reasonable and logical to myschool. it made me think. it wakens my sleepy brain cells, that was not functioning like an adrenalin rush came out, altogether to finish my task. being a student nurse isn’t bad at all. you got to care for other people and do things you never thought of doing. like calculating doses without calculator, being resourceful in time of need, learning herbal medicine as a remedy to an illness and the best part of doing these things is you got to see them smile and hear their genuine “thank you”.  well, i’m easily impress with small things as long as it has an impact. now i know why i chose this course. mainly because i love to see others happy and i love to be in service of those in need. it may sound foolish and all but that’s what if i feel right now. my blog doesn’t end here. but i have to go 🙂


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